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Welcome to the organic children's world of CAOMP - sensitive to the environment, full of health and confidence!

For all of us, our children are the most important asset in the world, and theymust be kept healthy and safe.    Humans are the most intelligent beings on Earth; yet, despite this advantage in Nature, our young must be protected and nurtured for many years before they can be separated from their family and survive on their own.  It is our job, as parents and caretakers, to provide this protection and keep our children safe in the umbrella of our nurturing family.

Children are born into this world as innocent and dependent little bundles of wonder, joy and love.  CAOMP helps parents and caretakers protect their bundles of love from the many unhealthy products and toxins in our environment by providing clean, pure, organic cotton clothing.  Organic cotton clothing is the next layer of protection for the sensitive skin of babies and children as they adjust to living in the world. 

The next best thing we can do after providing for our children is to protect our environment.  In order for our children to live in a world with a promising future, we must leave a clean, healthy and trustworthy environment.   This is why all of our products are made from environmentally friendly raw materials derived as a result of organic farming.

By choosing our organic products, you can protect your child's health as well as the environment..Here, at CAOMP, you will feel secure knowing that your children are healthy and safe..

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