Known Supply Chain

It is important to CAOMP and all of our earth-conscious consumers that the supply chain for our materials and products is transparent.  In that regard, we have worked hard to meet every criteria set by G.O.T.S.  Each item of CAOMP clothing carries a GOTS certification ID number. 

We care about our entire supply chain, planet earth, and our precious children. Our clothing is proudly manufactured in a GOTS certified factory under fair trade terms and conditions.  At every step of the supply chain, G.O.T.S. ensures that workers are paid a living wage and work in safe, humane conditions.  Child labor is strictly denied and monitored. 

Because the CAOMP supply chain is transparent, fair, and safe, consumers can show support of organic farming by shopping at companies who utilize these methods.   This is a powerful way for consumers to have their voices heard while reducing poverty throughout the world.  Additionally, with CAOMP purchases, our customers can support the training of farmers to move to organic methods of farming.  This enables farmers to thrive as international business people who can rebuild the earth’s environment rather than destroying it.  The economic and environmental impact of these organic farming initiatives can be great.

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