What is GOTS?

G.O.T.S. (Global Organic Textile Standard) is an international organization whose aim is to provide recognition and certification of organic materials and production to textile manufacturers and their products.  In order to be eligible for G.O.T.S. certification, each textile product must contain a minimum level of 70% certified organic natural fiber and meet strict standards, not only in the composition of the organic material, but also in the environmental impact on the community and social criteria (labor). All inks, dyes and process chemicals used in manufacturing must meet basic toxicity and biodegradability requirements. Heavy metals, formaldehyde, nickel, PVC, and chlorine bleach are prohibited from the manufacturing process.  These stipulations are required for all fabrics as well as accessories.

Organic cotton manufacturing does not use harmful chemicals that often seep into ground water.  These chemicals make the water  toxic for humans and animals, which in turn, expose farmers and their surrounding communities  to the carcinogenic chemicals.  Conventional methods of crop production create an environment where humans and animals can become deathly ill due to toxic water.  On the other hand, organic cotton production under the G.O.T.S. seal of approval is free from water contamination and does not harm the environment, humans or animals.  In addition, organic cotton production relies on high standards for raising and caring for farm animals and excludes genetic modification.

G.O.T.S stipulates requirements throughout the process with strict guidelines to ensure that organic cotton production provides a fair livelihood for people in disadvantaged communities.  G.O.T.S. requires that all manufacturers and processors meet the norms set by the International Labor Organization (ILO).  These norms provide safe working conditions for employees, living wages, working hour limits, and a ban on child labor. 

For detailed information on G.O.T.S. please visit http://www.global-standard.org/the-standard/general-description.html

CAOMP includes the G.O.T.S. label on each item of clothing so that our clients can be assured of the quality of our product and our compliance to the G.O.T.S. standards.

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